Community Spotlight ✊🏾- Davonté Denson

One of the goals of Grand Gentlemen is to encourage young men to pursue a life outside of the ordinary, and focus on things that make them happy and fill their lives with purpose. For these reasons we like to give the spotlight to young men in the community who are making a difference and deserve to be recognized. 

Today we'd like to recognize Davonté Denson, an OKC native who is currently the sous chef at Growlers, and caters with Healthy Heart Cuisine. This young man has overcome struggles in his personal life to find a passion in the kitchen. When asked about why he got into cooking, Denson replied

 “I remember when I was a little kid I woke up in the middle of the night and the Iron Chef was on, and at the age of 7 I knew I wanted to cook. It was like love at first sight. Then one evening my mother had just gotten off work and she was extremely exhausted, so she walked me through  the steps of frying chicken. After that night I’ve never left the kitchen. My aunt is also a chef, she taught me not only how to cook but, how to make money with my talent.”

 We also asked Denson what has his experience as a young man of color been in this field, as well as what advice he’d like to offer any young men who would pursue a culinary career after him

 “So far my experience has been good. Sometimes I feel like people don't take me seriously as a chef, so that makes me go harder when it comes to perfecting my craft. And as for the young men that want to learn, you have to have a plan. It's not all about cooking you have to have a hustlers mentality.”

Lastly we asked Mr. Denson what he plans to do with his talents moving forward.

“I graduate from culinary school in October, then I'm going back to school to finish my football career and get my degree in education. When I graduate I'll still be catering events and I’ll apply for an executive chef position.”

We couldn’t be more proud of this young man, not just for finding success, but for following his dreams. We ask that you follow Davonté’s career along with us and continue to support this black excellence!

Grand Gents