Spooky Sundays 👹- Get Out (2017)

                       Get Out (2017)
Here at Grand Gentlemen, nothing is more important to us
than “family time”. Which is why at least once, every week,
we loosen our ties and unwind for a wild voyage into the
great world of cinema.
This week, my friends... we watch the definition of an
entire generation.
For this week’s Feature Presentation, we watched a stroke
of genius from 2017’s champion “Get Out”, written and
directed by a humble hero you may know as Jordan Peele.
In this beautifully written, generation-defining story,
Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya) is convinced into spending
the weekend with his girlfriend Rose (played by Allison
Williams) and her family out in the middle of nowhere,
confirming a line that Black women have been whispering
into the ears of little black boys since the very dawn of
time itself...
“Don’t you be out there trustin’ these white women...”
Granted, it takes Chris a little over an hour before he is
reminded of this horrifying revelation. And even then... by
the time he finally does, the entire story will have
already shaken you down to your very core.
Now, I don’t want to say much, because I personally feel
that this is a story that should definitely be watched and
not read... but what Jordan Peele and the amazing cast and
crew of “Get Out” did is nothing short of “movie magic”,
and I hope it lives on to be picked apart and studied for
years to come.
“Get Out” is a true definition of inspiration and with an
opening scene that’ll send chills down anyone’s spine, I'm
very anxious to see how it’ll stand again the tests of

Bravo, Jordan. Your genius certainly did not go unnoticed. - Gents

Get Out - In Theaters This February http://www.getoutfilm.com In Universal Pictures' Get Out, a speculative thriller from Blumhouse (producers of The Visit, Insidious series and The Gift) and the mind of Jordan Peele, when a young African-American man visits his white girlfriend's family estate, he becomes ensnared in a more sinister real reason for the invitation.
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