Avengers: Endgame makes box office history, but what's next for the MCU? 🎟

Marvel has done it AGAIN! Avengers: Endgame, the finale to a 10 year saga has not only satisfied the fans and critics of the series, but it has shattered box office records with and astounding $350 million in first weekend domestic earnings and 1.2 BILLION dollars (and counting) world wide. The film was everything the fans wanted in the conclusion to the superhero epic, it tied together multiple storylines as well as gave OG characters their rightful exit as the franchise makes way for its next phase of hero’s to take the reigns.

SPOILER TIME………light spoilers though.

Here are some key take away as about a few fan favorite characters and our theories on what’s next for the MCU.


Steve Rodgers, also known as Captain America, may have had the most full circle and complete story line in the series. Not only did he prove his worth by weilding Thor’s hammer, mjolnir AND face Thanos heroically, but he went back in time and got his girl BACK after saving the day. Cap is so genuinely heroic and unselfish that we forget the superhero life was thrust upon him in a unique way, but he never complains, only rises to the occasion and he definitely did that in End Game. That facts that he got to be the hero as well as live out his ideal life makes us extremely happy, and it should make you happy too. Steve Rogers is the type of character who deserves to ride off into the sunset.


Tony Stark, also known as IRON MAN, we’ll start by saying we will always be in our feels about the way his story ended, but it was only fitting. The MCU started with Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the Genius, billionaire, philanthropist, play boy as well as the looming threat of Thanos, so having Tony Stark end it by killing him seemed like a full circle moment. We knew once we saw him with his daughter, happily married out in the woods, things were not looking good in terms of Mr. Stark’s survival. Then, we got a great scene between Tony and his father, Howard Stark whom he’s never had a great relationship with. The character deserved to have all of these lose ends tied up but the MCU won’t be the same without him.

Thor-EndgameProfile (2).jpg

Thor’s story was extremely simple in Endgame. Honestly, after the beheading of Thanos (which we thought was a ballsy way to open up the first 15 minutes of a film) Thor simply served as comedic relief. We have heard complaints about how fat and useless Thor was in this film, but think about it, the Russo brothers had no choice. Thor was the savior of Infinity War, and nearly stopped Thanos by plunging his new axe Stormbreaker into his chest. Although he was too late, that act proved that with his upgraded weapon, Thor was more than capable of defeating Thanos alone. That puts Thor’s character into an awkward position. He’s so powerful he removes the conflict from the film and well, thats boring. The perfect solution for the Russo brothers was to make him become fat and out of shape, it adds something new to the character that Chris Hemsworth had been begging for, as well as comedic relief to the film, and also give Thanos a chance to compete for the gauntlet. Hemsworth had previoulsy stayed he was unhappy with the character after his first two solo films but Ragnarock director Taika Waititi breathed some fresh air into the character that encouraged Hemsorth to sign on to more films. Ultimately, we believe Marvel also gave a back seat to the character because they knew he was returning and Cap and aren’t would not. And we’re okay with that.


There was an incredible, albiet somewhat forced shot of all the women participating in the battle that leads us to believe Marvel will sign off on an all female led action film, and we’re hear for it. The characters are great and well developed, so putting them all together is a great idea as long as them being female becomes an afterthought to a good story.

With Cap, Iron Man, and Black Widow gone, plus Thor gin to outer space, it seems as though there’s new room for leadership in The Avengers squad. Captain Marvel has stuck out as an obvious Shiite but her exploits in space might take her else where, as she stated in the movie, there are very many planets out there. T’Challa also seems to be an obvious pick, but his mind will probably be on restructuring Wakanda and any new threats they could face. So we’re going to toss up a random theory and see if it lands, we predicts SHURI and Peter Parker will take bigger roles in upcoming avengers films. Shuri is said to be actually MORE intelligent than Tony Stark and capable of building anything he can. And Peter has the Leadership skills, good heart, and charisma to help fill Cap’s shoes. We also think (big shot in the dark here..) The FANTASTIC FOUR could make their comeback. Perhaps Fox and Disney will work out a deal in time to bring in Marvel’s first family in time for the next string of films? With Thanos gone Dr. Doom would also be an excellent villain to add to the MCU roster. Let us know what you think below!

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