The Man of The Year Award

Making a Difference

Help us give back.

Our dedication to our community is at the center of what we stand for. We use our time, resources, and money from our own pockets to try and better our communities. If you would like to help donate to our cause, here is an opportunity to do so.



1.  Must currently be a senior attending a OKC PUBLIC SCHOOL, must also be enrolled in the 2019 fall semester of a college, university, or technical school.

2. Must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher (attach a transcript to your applications.)

3.  Be free of any major disciplinary actions.

4.  Volunteer in your community or participate in extracurricular activities.

5.  Complete a 1-2 page essay (maximum 2 pages, typed, double spaced, with size 12 font and 1” boarders) detailing your life, your failures/lessons, your accomplishments/goals and your plan for continued success.

6.  Include one reference from your community.

7.  Provide your completed application by April 26th, 2019 to your principal or email us directly.

Meet the first two recipients of our scholarship, Leon Fields and Day'Quann Ervin who graduated from Douglass high school in the spring of 2018. These young men not only met the qualifications we set, bet they also showed exceptional resourcefulness while applying. THIS is what Grand Gentlemen is about. We would like to continue giving away the Man of The Year Award, and we're asking for your help to do it because we believe in communities coming together to support each other. We are looking for young men who strive toward greatness. We are NOT looking for perfect. We are looking for young men with potential like diamonds in the mountainside, who do not mind digging their diamond out and polishing it until it shines bright enough for the world to see. We designed our scholarship for a young Grand Gentleman in his senior year of high school who has chosen to enter higher education. The recipient will receive a tailored men’s suit worth 200 dollars and at least 500 dollars for higher education cost. We want to THANK everyone who supported us this year, and we are hoping to help many more young men in the future.



The Goal of the Man of The Year Award was to encourage and empower youth in a more visceral way. It is important to reward young men doing the right thing in the community because their efforts and accomplishments can often be overlooked. We look at this scholarship as an investment into the youth of Oklahoma City, in which the return is priceless. We’re helping to mold these young men into leaders that will continue to cultivate and enrich the lives of other young men who come after them.


To Nominate a young man for our scholarship click HERE

Be sure to leave the young man’s first and last name, and an active email address. Write MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD and the name of his high school under “subject”, and leave us a message describing why you feel this young man deserves the award. Recipients may also nominate themselves and submit applications.

Continued Growth


Our 2019 recipients are Leo Mackie Jr. of Millwood high school, Keshon Sykes and Verdean Thompson of Douglass high school. Leo will be attending Randall University, Keshon will attend South West Christian, and Verdean will attend Rose State. These young men met the qualifications we set, as well as overcame obstacles in their personal lives to develop into exceptional young men.

In 2019 we wanted to build upon our program and add another scholarship. In 2020 we are setting our sights even higher, we plan on giving out at least FIVE scholarships for Oklahoma City public schools, and one for Tulsa Public Schools!