MOVIE TALK - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri by DeQuan Cooper

                 (WEEK I – MARCH 20, 2018)
Here at Grand Gentlemen, nothing is more important to us
than “family time”. Which is why at least once, every week,
we loosen our ties and unwind for a wild voyage into the
great world of cinema.
This week, my friends... was no different.
This week’s Feature Presentation was a pretty interesting
one. A tale full of twists and turns, written and directed
by the magnificent Martin McDonagh: “Three Billboards
Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, starring Frances McDormand, Sam
Rockwell, and the great Woody Harrelson.
In this wild drama, Frances McDormand epically shines as a
mother on a roaring rampage in the likes of which we
haven’t seen since Uma Thurman picked up that Hanzo sword
for the first time in Kill Bill.
And seven months after losing her daughter to truly
horrific circumstances, she decides to buy up three
billboards on a foggy road outside of Edding, MO and take
on the entire town in the process. It was the best. The
entire town.
The Great Woody Harrelson gives a performance that’s going
to literally make your heart burst. Not to mention, Sam
having you so energized and tensed that you’d think you ran
on AAA batteries.
Nothing is better than watching a film that has you sitting
with your friends as the credits roll, wishing that there
were at least another two hours of the movie to go. And Mr.
McDonagh’s Three Billboards is absolutely, positively
nothing less than that.
We at Grand Gentlemen give this marvelous masterpiece and
it’s amazing cast and crew four out of four bowties!

Bravo, Mr. McDonagh. Bravo. - Gents


Curtesy of Fox studios
Grand Gents