MOVIE TALK - Tomb Raider (2018)



Here at Grand Gentlemen, nothing is more important to us
than “family time”. Which is why at least once, every week,
we loosen our ties and unwind for a wild voyage into the
great world of cinema.
This week, my friends, of course... was no different.
For this week’s Feature Presentation, we decided to check
out the retelling of the awesome Tomb Raider. With a
screenplay written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair
Siddons and directed by Roar Uthaug we were immediately
submerged into a tale of pure determination, shear will and
brute strength.
The film stars the amazing and mesmerizing Alicia Vikander
as the legendary Lara Croft, who after stumbling upon a
clue, seeks to solve the mystery surrounding the
disappearance of her father.
This adventure was honestly what we call a “Grade-A ass
clincher”. The very second Lara catches wind that her
father may be alive, and where he actually may be, it’s on
and cracking. And let me tell you... it’s definitely no
walk in the park to get to the Devil’s Sea, I’ll tell you
After literally riding into a hurricane, and being stuck on
an island chock full of horrors, including the great Walton
Goggins, who is once again the ultimate villain, Lara uses
all of her might in order to survive.
Nothing is better than sitting as the credits roll, knowing
you paid good money to see a decent ass kicking. And
believe you me... a decent ass kicking is exactly what
Alicia hands out as Lara Croft in this year’s Tomb Raider!
We at Grand Gentlemen give this marvelous masterpiece and
it’s amazing cast and crew four out of four bowties!

- Gents 

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