Spooky Sundays 👹- The Conjuring (2013)

                    The Conjuring (2013)
Here at Grand Gentlemen, nothing is more important to us
than “family time”. Which is why at least once, every week,
we loosen our ties and unwind for a wild voyage into the
great world of cinema.
This week, my friends... was no different.
For this week’s Feature Presentation, we watched what could
be argued as the film to start today’s horror renaissance
as we know it (this argument could definitely go toe to toe
with Paranormal Activity, but I digress): The Conjuring,
written by Chad and Carey Hayes, directed by the great
James Wan himself.
The first installment into this gruesome series explores
paranormal events that occur on an old cursed farmhouse
owned by Roger Perron, his wife Carolyn, and their five
After a few nights of activity popping off, Carolyn finally
musters up the strength to contact Ed and Lorraine Warren
(played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) to investigate.
Being a Grade-A ass clincher, this is the perfect film to
cuddle up to with all of the lights off. Not to mention,
this is the very film to not only introduce us to the
legend of Ed and Lorraine Warren... but to the entire dark
universe that now holds the likes of Annabelle, The Crooked
Man, and even the master of horror herself... Valak, The
The Conjuring is certainly a spectacular ride and will
leave your hands covered in sweat and your whole jawline
sore as hell from clinching it together so hard, thanks to
the compelling acting of the cast and masterful use of
storytelling that should be marveled forever used by Sir
- Gents
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