Binge Watch 📺- LaRonn Marzett's 9NINETY

OUR VERY OWN talented young Gent, LaRonn Marzett has some amazing new projects that you should definitely be checking out NOW! Besides being one of our most talented photographers, Marzett has become a gifted story writer who isn't afraid to touch on heavier topics like date rape and kidnapping in his short films Death by Intellect I & II, and transition right back to light hearted comedies like our featured sitcom, 9NINETY. The passion to create something that others could enjoy watching, as well as giving others the opportunity to work and have a creative outlet is what inspired the 19 year old film major to start producing his own stories.

 In regards to upcoming projects, Marzett is hoping to drop a short comedy film in October and another drama hopefully in December. He’ll also be filming some music videos for a couple of artist in the OKC area! To check out 9NINTEY and stay updated with the rest of his projects, subscribe to his youtube channel LaRonn Marzett and follow him on instagram @L.Marzett

9INETY is a 90s\New Era type sitcom that deals with worldly problems and situations that we face today.